Brad Chun and Ben Kappen are excited to offer comprehensive courses on glassblowing, bead making, and more! Classes are geared towards learning a wide variety of glassblowing techniques, as well as how to set up a full hot shop safely and economically. Three courses are currently offered, an introduction class, an intermediate class, and an advanced class. As these classes fill to the limit of 4 students, we will be offering more dates over the following weekends. Protective eyewear, raw glass, color, torches, and tools will be included in the class fee, all you need to bring is a notebook, and your smiling faces! Cash, check, or Visa and Mastercard accepted (a 4.25% processing fee is applied to all credit card transactions). Classes will be held at our new studio, 313 E. 8th Street in Lawrence, Kansas. Email to enroll for classes!

Intro Class

The introduction class is a one day, three hour class. All materials are provided in the class fee of $150 per student. Classes can be scheduled most days of the week, email to set up a time.

The introduction class focuses on:

  • Safety: Understanding bench and fuel gas safety.

  • Intro to torches and tools: Learn about different torches and various flame chemistry, properties, and sweetspots. We will get you familiar with the most commonly used tools and their applications.

  • First exercises: Learn to manipulate hot glass by stretching color rods and attaching handles to create your own color palette. Work hot glass into solid forms using basic tools.

Intermediate Class

The intermediate class is a one day, three hour class intended to be taken multiple times. All materials are provided in the class fee of $200 per student. This class focuses on the broad majority of glassblowing techniques, helping to build the skill level of each student. Students enrolling in the intermediate class must complete our introduction class first. Classes can be scheduled most days of the week, email to set up a time.

The intermediate class focuses on:

  • Solid Working: Learn to make mushroom marbles, filigree, ribbon cane, mandrel beads, implosions, and sunbursts; all of which can be made into beads, pendants, marbles, etc. Add loops or other shapes to attach to textile and multimedia designs.

  • Hollow working: Learn how to make blown glass beads from tubing. See different techniques to create your own custom tubing. Learn how to control cold and hot seals.

  • Cane working: Make millefiori and learn our exclusive technique on how to get ten times more image than using cutters (as all other classes teach)

Advanced Class

The advanced class is a one day, four hour course, focusing on color patterns and shaping. All materials are provided in the class fee of $300 per student. Email to schedule a class.

  • Learn different ways to make your own custom lined tubing, and then manipulate it into various linework patterns.

  • Use incalmo techniques to build bigger works of art, and shaping techniques to bend and stretch your glass art into various forms.

  • Understand how to use flame chemistry to control the colors of your glass.

  • Learn many different fuming techniques to make color changing glass.

  • Get individual troubleshooting advice for any technique!