• Born in Oahu, Hawaii, Brad Chun graduated in 1991 before attending the Kansas City Art Institute in 1992. Brad was first introduced to art glass while visiting Eugene, Oregon in 1993. There he met Bob Snodgrass, a key figure in the modern lampworking studio movement that developed throughout the early 90's. Brad moved to Eugene in 1996 to apprentice at the Snodgrass School of Glass. He developed his skills under Bob's watchful eye, exploring the new glass world.With only a few colors available at the time, experimentation and discovery was a daily occurrence. Brad moved back to Lawrence, Kansas in 1998 where he was introduced to furnace worked soft glass at Free State Glass. Brad opened the Pleasant Street Studio in 2004.

  • Ben Kappen moved to Kansas in 1988, where he graduated high school in 1996, then spent three years studying illustration at the University of Kansas, before leaving to pursue a career in glass. In 2000 he began to learn how to furnace-work soft glass with Darren Davis at Rainbow Fired Glass in Tulsa, Oklahoma.Using what he had learned there with soft glass, he bought a small torch and began to 'lampwork' glass in early 2003. During this time Ben also began building his own equipment in order to open a soft glass studio in Lecompton, Kansas. Over a six month period he hand built an array of annealing ovens and reheating equipment, along with a 250 pound capacity hot-glass furnace. The furnace was first fired in June of 2004 and marked the grand opening of Illuminated Glass.